I’m quick to laugh at everything for fear of having to cry – Figaro in The Barber of Seville

I’ve never found Figaro’s little trick works for me when it comes to what animals suffer at the hands of humans

How did you do it?

I never learned the knack

Of having a good chuckle

While feeling my heart crack

At the stallion in the knacker’s yard

No longer fit to race

I can’t command a laugh

With tears streaming down my face

The monkey in the lab

With needles in his eyes

The sow in the slaughterhouse

Bleeding till she dies

When the vixen is hunted

Hounds tearing her apart

How can I raise a smile

As they rip to bits my heart

The calf at the udder

Torn from his mum

Cow keening her anguish

Where is my loved one?

The bullock in the stockyard

Waiting for the knife

The day-old male chick minced

When he’s barely started life

A million million cattle

Guts spilling on the floor

A universe of miseries

Still in the devil’s store

While wide world through compassion

Is by cruelty outrun

Figaro my friend

Can you tell me how it’s done?

Photo courtesy of #CrueltyFreeInternational

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